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We have 4 stages in our process, which are
1. Generate request
2. Approval
3. Review of Human Resources
4. In case of corrections in the request, a step to "modify" it.

I have a case where once the request has been approved, passed this stage the user can not view the status where your request. As a user, in the details of the case and the overall view the portal the user can only visualize where it has passed the request, but not where it is actually.

Is there an additional configuration within the portal or at the level of study for the status of the request (where it is) it can be viewed by the user who generated the request?



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In the case list click on the Case Number. In the comments section you will see it is Assigned to the next person in the queue.

I've just done it and it works fine.

Note if it has failed in a script step between the two human tasks, which is possible, then it will look like the process has worked but will not have been assigned to the next user. Hence a possible reason for your problem

Here I would add a script handling to the task writing out comments to the case history. For example:

import org.bonitasoft.engine.api.ProcessRuntimeAPI;
ProcessRuntimeAPI processRuntimeAPI = apiAccessor.getProcessAPI();
Long div0 = 0;
processRuntimeAPI.addProcessComment(processInstanceId, "Entering Div/0 routing to fail");
        div0 = 1/0;}
catch(Exception e){
        processRuntimeAPI.addProcessComment(processInstanceId, "Try Failed Div/0 routing to fail");
processRuntimeAPI.addProcessComment(processInstanceId, "Leaving Div/0 routing to fail");
return div0;

Which tells me where it is and where it failed...make sure you set the right conditions for the script though...ignore, raise exception or fail;


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