Hoi, I'm totaly new and working on my first project. I have created a form and everything is working. Now i send the form to a manager for review and want to get the data from the Original form.

I have read in the manual that you have to create a variable in your form to hold the data. i have done that but de storageID in de is empty and i don't get any data

( "StorageID")

What am i doing wrong. The rest of the API's work. I get the session information, the username ... But i want to show the data from my Original form.

I'm working on BPM 7 community. Can somebody help me ?

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I have the same issue .....


Submitted by Dibyajit.Roy on Tue, 09/26/2017 - 09:48

Where are you storing the Original Data ? You need to store the Data in Database or In Process variables.
To display the data in the Manager's form, you need to pull the data from the database and display.
All this is achieved using BDM API. There are several examples.
The concept of Storage Id is mostly used for Displaying Documents.
Each document can be identified using its Unique storage id.
All the information is stored in the Context variable.

Try taking a Text field in the Form and set the value of the field as {{context}}

This will show the data stored in context.
or you can use {{context.documentVariableName_ref}}