Subversion & JBOSS


Hi Folks,

I have a Windows Server 2012 VM. I have setup Bonita 6.5.0 JBOSS and it is working. Now, I want to also use Subversion for developers to store/share diagrams from a central repository.

I have read that Subversion will use apache web server. The 6.5.0 Server already runs JBOSS web server.

Can I install subversion on the same server? Will two web server applications on one VM work? Any guide to installing Subversion?

Thanks all, Jim

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As long as the Apache HTTPD web server and JBoss run on a different network port you should just be fine to run both on the same server.

By default Apache HTTPD web server listen on port 80 whereas JBoss JEE application server listen on port 8080 so everything should be ok.

The easiest way to setup a Subversion server is probably to get the bundle provided by CollabNet that packaged together Subversion and Apache HTTPD. They call it "Subversion Edge" and you can get it from here:

Note that Bonita BPM Subscription edition include a feature that allow to directly connect the Studio workspace to SVN in order to share the repository.