Table - sort and filter



I am new to the bonitasoft tool. And I am aware that in the subscription version this table widget is included that can be sorted and filtered. However, I am not sure that I will be purchasing the subscription version.

With that said, I did some searching and found the BearTable widget ( I installed the latest version and even the default widget does not show any the header information defined. Maybe I am using the widget incorrectly. I mean, shouldnt it just show some default values they defined (for the default HeaderList column names)? I only see the debug message when previewing the page ("Debug Content:This is the initial value").

I did notice that the pdf included in the previous version did not match the same fields/definitions shown on the defaulted BearTable dragged onto a page. For example:

PDF showed for HeaderList:
[ { "title":"myNumber", "name":"mynumber", "filter": true, "order": true, "control":"number", "footer":"sum" },...]

But the BearTable populated the defulated header list as:
[ {"title":"Colum name", "filter": yes, "order":yes, "control":"input" }, {"title":"Colum name", "filter": yes, "order":yes, "control":"select" }, {"title":"Colum name", "filter": yes, "order":yes, "control":"link" }, {"title":"Colum name", "filter": yes, "order":yes, "control":"button" } ]

Notice that the boolean values are not set to true or false, but instead a yes or no. I did try changing those to true or false. But the default header column names still did not show up.

Are there other ways of creating a sortable/filterable table in the community version? Also maybe there is a guide to creating widgets?

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