This task cannot be executed from here error in a task after deploymeny



I created a process, organization, and a DBM "h2". Everything is working perfectly on my machine

But when i tried to deploy it on my server that has bonita docker image, using the method in one of the youtube channel videos. ie. extract organization, DBM, and process model. i managed to start a process, execute the first task

but later then when the second task appeard in to do tasks with this error message : "This task cannot be executed from here"

instead of showing some data from the first form

I used the docker instalation guide while installing bonita image on my server

I'm using community edition

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This error occurs when design a human task with a contract, but you selected no form in the form tab. Currently, Bonita Studio does not detect this "potential problem".

Indeed, if you interact with your process through APIs, you do not need a form, as there is no human interface to execute your process.
However, if you interact with your process through Bonita Portal, defining a contract means I want to send entry data to my task to treat them. So you need a form for that.

Possible solutions:
- Either create a form for your task that matches your contract,
- or remove the contract from your task, so that there is no need for a form.

Your process is then ready to go to production. Export it from the Studio and deploy it in your Tomcat bundle / docker container.




Submitted by asem.shehab on Tue, 05/19/2020 - 09:57

All the tasks already have forms, i made sure of it

This task suppose to take somedata from the first one and display it

and it has one contract with one value

also, before this message appears -in a blue box- This task cannot be executed from here

something happens every time, i see this message as a normal text " No form is needed. you can enter a comment or confirm" with a comment input section

it appears for less than a second. then the other message appears in blue box