Task List Filters


Hello All,

It seems there is a problem with the Task List Filters (Community Edition).

If I select a process, the list is filtered and bonita only shows tasks for the selected process.

However, if I type into the search box it doesn't work. It either filters out all tasks, even when I type something that it is contained in at least one the tasks name, or it it shows all entries if I type something that matches the beginning of at least one of the tasks name. I this later case, if I continue typing, tasks are not filtered out even if it doesn't match the task name.

Am I doing something wrong?


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I can't reproduce the behavior (7.5.4 Community)

If I select a process from the process list, my task list is then filtered to only the task for that process. Then if I type the name of task and hit enter, the task that matches this pattern are displayed.

Note that you can modify the type of search implemented. By default the option selected is Start with. You can change it to word based by following this documentation: https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/?page=using-list-and-search-methods