Is there limitation for editing list of data in a table of bdm?


Hi, I’m using Bonita community version 7.8.

In my project, I want to edit list of data but something is wrong!

I get all my data in a business variables with name labs, then I edit the labs list in a script task-> operation .

After run the project in local, only 3 rows edited!

I tested projec on my server, but about 100 rows edited!

I didn't see any error in logs!

Did I try the wrong way? or Is there limition for editing all data in a table?


Submitted by emmanuel.duchas... on Mon, 10/19/2020 - 16:04

Hi nasrin,

There is no such limitation in Bonita. It should work whatever the number of lines edited, as long as you do not reach the transaction timeout, of course.

Can you post the script you are using, so that we double-check everything is fine?


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