Tomcat Bundle problem when running a new process


Hello everyone.

Recently, I was trying to configure Tomcat bundle using Postgres 9.3 with Bonita BPM 7.15, I starded up Tomcat with the new configuration with this command "start /AFFINITY 1 startup.bat" and I didn't have any problem, bonita bpm created bonita_journal and business data into postgres.

If I open Bonita Studio and open the portal option, it work without any problem. The problem is when I want to run a new process ,it send me a error like this:

Failed to create a BarResource for form custompage_formIngresoEscuela

and when try to open the ui designer, tomcat show me this error.

HTTP 404 - /designer/

If anyone can give some advice about how can I solution this one, I would to appreciate.

Best regards.


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