Too many archived cases cause delay in Portal



When a user tries to see the tasks 'Done' from bonita portal the response takes too long to arrive. About 2-3 minutes. At first i thought there were no 'Done' tasks but when i waited for some more they finally appeared. The point is that these 'Done' tasks belong to cases that have been archived and some of them are already 4-5 months old so they are of not of much interest.

I thought of removing these cases but i found no way to do this from the portal UI, even as an admin.

Any ideas how i could solve this problem?

Btw, i'm using Bonita BPM 6.2.4 community and the following application server:

Server version: Apache Tomcat/6.0.37 Server built: Apr 29 2013 11:34:47 Server number: OS Name: Linux OS Version: 3.8.0-29-generic Architecture: amd64 JVM Version: 1.6.0_30-b30 JVM Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.

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Hi there,

There are a couple of aspects to your issue and in no particular order...

The infrastructure.

The size of the server...1 core, 2 core, 4 core, 8 core 16 core etc. Is it even a server or is it a sheep dressed in wolfs clothing (a PC being used as a server) The server memory, how much...2GB, 4GB, 16GB, 32GB The disks you are using, SSD or Hard drives, Raid or non-RAID. Are you using the single same server for Database as the Bonita service? etc.

The Bonita... Your JAVA memory settings? Have you tuned these? Are you using the single same server for Database as the Bonita service? Are you using the default H2 database or another database? Are you using community for production work?

The Archiving... You are right though there is no-inbuilt "What to do with Old cases". You will either have to write your own or ask for it as a feature. I believe Performance version does have it...

Archiving of some sort should be built in but how to get them off the server I don't know (yet). Then what do you do with them...if you cannot restore them for investigation may as well delete them completely. Think about this as well when you write your own tool.

If you need a process to see what happened, how do you make sure the "offline-archive" is not tampered with?

The Future... As Bonita moves forward into the main stream there is much that it needs to do to correct some of these facets of operation...this is a constructive criticism having been in mainstream IT Operations and management for 30 odd years...

Over to Bonita.... :)

regards Seán