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I'm trying to build a process with two differents lanes, an my idea is that all tasks in a lane should be executed by the actor in this lane. I've created another organization, with only one group, two roles (employee, designer), and two users (one for each role). So, I want to assign each role I've created to a lane, and it's important, in my case, that the user in the opposite role won't be able to do te tasks that are not in their lane. I have configured my process too, in order to have two actors, employee and designer, which have the group, role, membership and user, I want they have. Well, at this point, I'm very confused about how can I make this. I've been reading about actors filters, but I would need some help for understanding well, how this mehanism works. May I need an actor filter for getting my goal? In that case, Is it really necessary to create it following the instructions in the doc ( creating an actor filter ) ?

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Submitted by yannick.lombardi on Wed, 05/20/2015 - 14:24


If you have 2 Lanes with 2 differents actors, there is ne need for an actor filter.

A task that is in a Lane can be assignated only to a user that is in the actors of this lane. This respect what you want to do.

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Ok, then, How can I assign a role as the lane's actor? I mean, I can define an actor in any lane with General > Actors > add; but How can I establish that this actor represents a role?

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Submitted by yannick.lombardi on Thu, 05/21/2015 - 08:50

You need to click on the "Configure" menu. Here you can choose which actor correspond to which role/group/user.

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Yes, as i Say in mi first post, i hace created a new organization and i've defined too the group, the roles, the users and the memberships. That includes the configuration of the process in the actors mapping section. And I have chosen an actor with the General > Actors > add option, but this option only allow me to write a name for the actor.

My question is How can I assign a role to a lane, i.e. I am not telling Bonita that the actor I write is a role. How can I make this? PLease, I would need some more information.

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Submitted by yannick.lombardi on Thu, 05/21/2015 - 09:00

You can't assign a role to a Lane.

You assign an actor to a lane in the actor tab of the lane. And you assign a role to the actor in the configuration menu.

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Ok. That's what I'm doing. Then my problem should be different, but I have a process whichs is launched by a role (an actor) and is continued by another one. However, the user who launched the process see the next task (which is in a different lane).

Any idea about what problem could it be?

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Submitted by yannick.lombardi on Thu, 05/21/2015 - 09:07

Maybe the user have both roles. Can you post a screenshot of the process to see if there is an error ?

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...I don't find any option to upload images directly from my PC...

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You need to upload the images on a site and copy/paste the link here. For example I use

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Well, I suggest an option to upload directly from PC. Anyway here are the links to my screenshots.

thanks and regards

P.D: the widget to insert an image doesn't work... ¬_¬

Submitted by yannick.lombardi on Thu, 05/21/2015 - 09:39

I see the error. This is on the configuration.

For both "employee" and "designer", you select that users in "Group1" can do the process. So every user that is in Group1 can do the process.

If you want only user with the role "employee", you need to select only the role "employee" in the configuration. In your example, the membership and the group are useless. You need to remove then.

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Thank you so much! It works!

I suposse I had missunderstood the meaning of the group. A group is an "over-set" of a role isn't it?

Thanks again! regards.

Submitted by yannick.lombardi on Thu, 05/21/2015 - 09:51

Yes, that how I see it.

A user belong to a group, and in this group the user has a role. A user can have different role in the same group. A user can belong to different group with different role.

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