type of leave vacation management example


how can we do example official vacation management with type of leave(sick,paye,impaye...,other) , daysavailableInitial associated to type of leave
for example
paye--->daysAvailableInitial =20
impayé-->daysAvailableInitial = 60

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This one is the BEST answer!

I would add a select list with sick,paye,impaye...,other as items and then pass this back to the process for manipulating the appropriate fields.

However...rather than doing that which means that a simple (or complex) change just for sick would mean you also have to change impaye, for example.

What I would consider doing is

Create a duplicate!
rename the diagram
rename the BDMs
rename the tasks
rename etc.

and that way you have Multiple "applications" that you can manage and change independently of each other.

You could use the same BDM if you added fields as necessary and then changed the duplicates etc. to suit your needs.

You need to start thinking about these things yourself though as your business is different from others and we have different needs and requirements.

Good question otherwise,


PS: While I understand this may not be the answer you're hoping for, it does indicate a possible route to the solution, please mark as resolved.