unreachable variable for groovy script


Hi.. I am doing a similar script to configure DB. Above is my script.

    public class ConfigurationDB {
    public static final instance = new ConfigurationDB ();
    def String url
    def String server
    def String port
    def String database
    def String user
    def String password
    static getInstance() {
    return instance;
    public ConfigurationDB () {
    this.server = "localhost";
    this.port = "5432";
    this.database = "db";
    this.user = "user";
    this.password = "pass";
    this.url = "jdbc:postgresql://"+this.server+":"+this.port+"/"+this.database;

when I do the test separately for each value, I obtain the correct result for each one, but when I tried to test the total connector I have the next error:

    Tipo de Expresion no admitido para la prueba:
    Parametro de entrada script esta usando una expresion que contiene una referencia inalcanzable.
    Type of expression unadmitted for the test:
    Imput Parameter 'script' is using a expression that contain a unreachable variable.

thank you.. regards...

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