Upload a list of files and list it



I'm working in a pilot project using free bonita community. We need to upload a list of files in each task forms, but we dont know specifically how many files is. The users need to access this files in forms too. I'm trying to do this:

1) Created a process variable of java.util.List type (fileNameList); 2) Create a button in task form (form1) called "Add Files" and this button redirect to other form (form2), with a upload widget; 3) Create a button in form2 to submit the file, with a action that will add the file in fileNameList; 4) Redirect to form1 and list the files;

In my form2 action, i have this piece of code:

  • For some reason that i dont know, the fileNameList keeps empty when i watch the variable value in portal with a administrator user (App Management -> Cases -> Select My Case -> More). I'm adding the file corectly?

  • Can i list the files in my form to download them?


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