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We want to send an email to the user with a link to the portal that shows the task he/she has to process. The following URL worked well with version 6.5. It opened the portal's task list and the task to be processed (in the example the task with id 480021) was already selected


This link doesn't work anymore with version 7.4. The portal open, but the task isn't selected. The new documented URL works differently : the task is directly started outside the portal, and without checking if another user already took the task.

Is there a way with version 7.4 to have a link that opens the portal with a selected task?

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+1 Sean, you have to assign the task to the first user to avoid that, because, in 7.x, the task is not assigned. So Portal display the task, you start to modify it and the submit failed because you are not the owner of the task.

To assign the task, you can do that in advance.

But Mupat has a different use case: the mail is sent to multiple users. So, he want then that first in, first in... [sorry about that one]

What is the solution ? The Assign widget is built for you!

Just drop this widget in your form. It does not pop up any visible part, and when the user arrives on the task, this widget immediately sends an Assign to the server. Then, you solve your issue at 95%. Second user access the same URL form the link? It will get a screen "sorry, this task is already assigned".

What about the last 5 %?
Well, there is a delay between the form and the Widget Execution. So, if 2 people click on the link, the portal check if the task is assigned: not in that situation.
Then, the two browsers display the form.
At initialization, the two browsers send the assignment request. We assume the transaction is correctly done in BonitaEngine : one assignment will work, second failed.

To be honest, I'm not sure what's the widget return then in case of error: I assume it displays then a warning to the second user know he lost at this moment.

Hope this help!


We got round this by assigning the task to the user first (using a Connector/API), then sending the email to the user.

This way we never get anyone taking the task from the assigned user.


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Thank your answer. In our case, we cannot use your solution, because the task can be processed by a group of users. At the time of sending the email, we cannot assign the task to a user, because we don't know which user of the group is going to take the task.

With an URL, we would like to open the task list of the portal with a selected task, as in version 6.5

Submitted by Sean McP on Mon, 03/27/2017 - 21:30

But your question was clear:

We want to send an email to the user with a link to the portal that shows the task he/she has to process.

No-where did you say Group...

Anyway I'll have a look.


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Anyone have an answer for this request, please ? Thank you