What to do after project has been build?


hello everyone,

I have successfully build my project, but why are the files are in .bar format? how to run it? what are the next step after it to create fully working application?

thank you

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Once you successfully test your project in Bonita Studio embedded test environment you will need to:

  • Setup a Bonita server
  • Export and deploy all your project artifacts (process definition, BDM...)

To setup a Bonita server I recommend to either use the Bonita+Tomcat bundle or the Bonita Docker image (it actually include a Bonita+Tomcat bundle).

From the Studio you will build/export each artifacts (note: they are all optional in a Bonita project):

  • Organization (.xml file). You might as well choose not to export organization from the Studio and create it directly using Bonita portal tenant administrator account
  • Business Data Model (bdm.zip file)
  • Process definition (.bar file)
  • REST API extension (.zip file)
  • Pages (from UI Designer, .zip file)
  • Application descriptor (.xml file)

Then you need to deploy them on the server. Organization and Business Data Model need to be deployed using the tenant administrator account. Remember that you need to map your user with profiles (standard and/or administrator profiles). Other artifacts need to be deployed using a Bonita Portal user account that have administrator profile.

Finally logged in users should be able to start process and perform task using Bonita Portal and should also have access to deployed applications.


Submitted by yogabaskara17_1... on Thu, 11/28/2019 - 11:13

is it a normal when i chose "no form" in the instantiation form and overview page the project show me nothing when i run the project. i did that in order to make the build process successful and what is causing that?

Submitted by bastien.laurent... on Thu, 12/12/2019 - 11:34

It's depends.
If you have a 'contract' for your process initialisation, you have an error in your Bonita logs.
If you don't have a 'contract', your process go to your first task. And if you don't have any HumanTask, your process still process and end without showing nothing if no error appear.