What is necessary to run Bonita BPM?


I would like to try Bonita BPM Studio, develop on or two process, and deploy them in a Bundle.

I would like to know on what system and environment I can install them and run them well, at the development stage, and then, at the production stage.

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This one is the BEST answer!

You can also refer to official documentation that describes prerequisites:


Bonita BPM Studio

  • It should run on Windows, Mac and Linux pc
  • You need to install first a Java machine, like Oracle Java SE, or Open JDK if you are on Linux
  • Just download the version for your OS, and install. You should be able to start the Studio.
  • Bonita BPM Studio comes with a H2 database for development purpose.
  • Bonita BPM Studio is intended for development only. When your processes are ready, you must deploy them on the Platform.

Bonita BPM Platform (Portal + Engine)

  • You will need first to install a Java machine, like for the Studio. However, if your hardware is a headless server, you can install a headless version of Java, it is lighter.
  • Bonita Platform is not a standalone application, you need to run it in a Java application server, for example, Tomcat or Jboss. Of course, feel free to use the one you want.
  • You can download the Deploy Bundle if you want to install the Platform yourself in your application server.
  • However, to ease the installation process for production, Bonitasoft provide ready to use multi OS Bundles: one with Tomcat and one with Jboss.
  • You can use the default H2 provided database, or set the one you want.