When does HiDPI support come for Bonita BPM Studio?


It's horrible to work with Bonita BPM Studio on a HiDPI display because the underlying eclipse is not supporting it. I work with a team with normal DPI displays on a shared repository, so we always have to adjust the size of the elements or stay with overlapping elements and text.

without a doubt this is very annoying but it is possible to work with it (for a semester). The settings are a much bigger problem because it is not possible to scale the windows so some settings are not a accessible at all as shown in the following picture of the DB connectors settings.


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The problem with Bonitasoft is that they (like many software vendors) have to support various versions of underlying software and each has to work with each other...

however I would support anyone who added an idea to the Ideas forum to upgrade the underlying Eclipse from what it is today to Eclipse-NEON 4.6. If you want to do that then I will support it.

However all is not necessarily lost.

Have a look at this post which may help...

Specifically the section Eclipse Mars (and probably earlier versions)

try it an see.


PS: While this may not be the complete answer you're hoping for, it does indicate a possible solution, please mark as resolved.