When initiating a task, that should be assigned to a single user. After release that task should visible to all the users in a given userlist



I want to assign a task to a single user when the task is initiating. After that,once single user release the task, that should be shown to whole members of actor of lane. Is it possible to achieve using custom filters.

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No, it's not directly possible.

The custom filter will calculate a list of users to be able to see / "take" the task. The custom filter does not assign a task to a specific user (except one use case: if the list of users is only one user, then it is automatically assigned to this user).

So, what you have to do is:

1/ first, calculate the list of user, by the actor in the lane. Then, all users will see the task, and nobody is assigned.

2/ on a second mechanism, automatically assign the task to one user.

How to do that?

* by the Event Handler mechanism. You can execute your JAVA class when the task is "READY"


* by an external tool, which searches tasks and assigns them automatically

* Create a process with a timer, executed every 10 mn, and in Groovy, search tasks and assign them automatically

ATTENTION is it not recommended to use a process for technical usage: you generated a lot of cases in the engine. One case every 10 mn => 6*24 cases a day, 6*24*365 = 52560 cases a year

* add a plugin in the Truckmilk scheduler to fit this need