Why to change the h2 database


Hi all,

I've read in documentation that I must to change h2 database to another database system because h2 is suitable for test and not for production..

Okay but why h2 isn't suitable for a production environnement ? What coul be happen if I deploy my application with h2 ?

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Hi big73003_1

Event though H2 is a great database system I would still recommend a postgres or oracle system for production stack: I have much more (nice) experience with them. Note that bonita engine is aimed to performs lots of parallel transaction, hence you would need a DBMS that manage well transaction. Not sure how H2 will behave with large DB and lots of transcations.




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Thanks you guys for your responses !

Now I've understood.


Scalability, backups, speed, availability, restore, security, access from other systems, sharing of business data.

H2 is really only for small standalone system, not big databases. And after a few processes have been run you will need a bigger database which is far more capable.

see here