Why does the tasks not load when CSRF is enabled in the configuration file.



I have enabled CSRF from false to true in the security config file.
The path is /bonita/client/platform/conf .

Once I set the value as true ( referred Bonita documentation), then in my portal i can see all the tasks. But when I click on a task and select do it, the page just reloads (task list page).
If I make it as false. then the tasks work fine . But setting it true does not open the tasks.

Apparently, there is no specific error logs for this. Bonita is not treating this as an error.
I have checked in both Studio and live version, same behavior.

I am using Bonita 7.1.2 subscription.
Any help would be much appreciated .

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I believe this is a bug:

I would add a Bug report to https://bonita.atlassian.net/


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