Why get I only one business Data in my forms ?



I have two Business Objects : "test" and "environments". The user completes the fields and access to the second form. In this second form i just see the values of envorinments's attributes. Why ?

My variables :

first form : formInput : {"testInput" : {"label" : ""}, "environmentInput" : { "dev" : false, "uat" : false } }
formOutput : return { 'testInput': $data.formInput.testInput,
'environmentsInput': $data.formInput.environmentsInput };

second form : context : /bonita/API/bpm/userTask/{{taskId}}/context
task : ../API/bpm/userTask/{{taskId}}
taskId : id
test : ../{{context.test_ref.link}}
environments : ../{{context.environments_ref.link}}

You will note that I automatically generated forms with bonita to be sure I had the good variables.

And finally my second forms only displays environments's attributes !!

In the studio in my contract I have only testInput and environmentsInput

Thank You for your help

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Do you have default value groovy script for "test" business object? if you are creating "test" object after submit it should be shown.