Why users can not connect to the Portal when I close the Studio


I have installed Bonita BPM, create processes, users, organisations, and all is working well with the defaults configuration. When I click on the "Portal" icon in the Cool bar, I can manage my processes. And of course, I shared my IP adress so users can connect to the Portal from their PC.

However, as soon as I closed the Studio, it stops the Portal and users can not connect anymore. How can I let the Engine and the Portal run when I close the Studio ?

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Bonita BPM Studio is intended for development only. Once you have developped your processes, created users and organisations, and tested that everything works well, you must deploy them on a production server.

For that, Bonita BPM Platform (Engine + Portal) is coming in 3 bundles:

  • Tomcat bundle
  • Jboss bundle
  • Deploy bundle

Tomcat and Jboss bundle are ready to start, you just need to set your production database if you don't want to use the default H2 provided database.

You can use Deploy bundle when you already have an application server and you want to install Bonita platform within in.

Their is good resources on the documentation about how to set your bundle, depending on the application server you are using, and the database you have.

You can download the Bundles here, look at the bottom of the page.


In the development environment, once you close the studio it shut down the local tomcat server. That is the reason you can't access the portal. Have you tried manually starting the tomcat engine?