Wildfly 7.8.4 vs shared transactions vs Migration to Tomcat with 7.11



There is a running Wildfly with 7.8.4 bonita product, plus some custom EJBs which are using the JAVA Bonita engine API calls within shared transactions (within the same jvm).

We are considering a migration to the 7.11+

The shared transactions were documented up to the 7.2 version -> https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/6.x-7.2/shared-transactions

Q1- Is this feature still supported? or does it mean it is deprecated? removed?

Q2- Is there any plan for the JAVA Bonita engine API? is it still supported? is it going to be deprecated? or removed?

If anybody has some advices, then feel free to share.


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Having transaction managed outside of the engine itself was indeed documented, but we removed that from the documentation for several reasons:

  • This was of working was not well tested enough for us to be confident in letting users setup that kind of deployments
  • Using that mode brought complexity to the product in terms of supported deployments.
  • If the engine do not have the hand on how transactions are handled, it might bring issues and situations that are hard to debug/explain

That mode is still present in the product but I would strongly discourage using it.

Q2 -

There is no plan right now of changing the JAVA Bonita engine API, it is still working and supported.