rest-api-context 2.7 Permission access

Release notes

2.7 Document permission

Access on parameters : in the pilot, the parameter has to be declare (else the "":"" return all parameters)
pilot on parameter : it's possible to declare "paramcontext" as a parameters, and give a context. Then, this context is use.
Priority is
- localcontext
- globalcontext
- paramcontext
Two advantages to use the paramcontext : 1/ it's not use any variable memory, 2/ it's available at the instantiation, for example to protect the access on some parameters.

Dateformat configuration (Kilian Stein )

AccessRight : Check if user can access to what he asks
in the value, it' possible to use "data", "public", "actor", "initiator", "task" and "format"
"firstname" : "data",
"comment": "initator;task:review",
"adresse" : {
"street" : "actor:Verify Adresse",
"city" : "actor:Verify Adresse",
Fix :
dateFormat bug (Kilian Stein )

Document Permission Rule : a Permission Rule is release. This rule will check on the document Download who can access the document, by loading the pilot.
Example :

        "documentStudent" : "initiator;actor:medical",
        "documentTeacher" : "actor:teacher",
        "documentConclusion" : "public"
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