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Laurent Leseigneur

Extension of Data Table widget including a sort by date improvement and the opening of a modal dialog window at selection.

Connector CMIS - Download a document doesn't work

Hello !

I use Bonita Community 2021.1 for a few days, and I have a problem with the connector "download a document".

When I try to create the connector, there's a weird text (${cmis-downloaddocument.def.version}) instead of the version in "Definition version" field, and the connector doesn't work.

Does anyone have a solution ?

Thank's in advance !!

Bonita 2021.1 - Problem in Build bar files !!

Hi everyone!

I have an problem with new release 2021.1 , tested in two workstation!

When i try to build multiple process at same time for export bar files we have long time delay!!! , And sometimes nothing happened at all ! sad_smile.png

But when we try to build process one bye one every things is ok teeth_smile.png

Please help Me!!!