Issue storing a date calculated using Javascipt to BDM Date-Time (no time zone)

Hi Community,

We are using JavaScript on the form to calculate the next date and time based on a day of the week, hour and minute.

We are using the following function to calculate the next date.

function getNextDate(startdate, nextDay, nextHour, nextMinute) {

var resultDate = new Date(startdate.getTime());

SELECT widget keeps reloading when value is set via javascript

When we display the form, the SELECT widget keeps "jumping" between the 1st value in the list and the populated value. (see Recording)

The SELECT widget has Available values from json received from a BDM table. (codeValue.json).

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Laurent Leseigneur

Extension of Data Table widget including a sort by date improvement and the opening of a modal dialog window at selection.

Connector CMIS - Download a document doesn't work

Hello !

I use Bonita Community 2021.1 for a few days, and I have a problem with the connector "download a document".

When I try to create the connector, there's a weird text (${cmis-downloaddocument.def.version}) instead of the version in "Definition version" field, and the connector doesn't work.

Does anyone have a solution ?

Thank's in advance !!

Bonita 2021.1 - Problem in Build bar files !!

Hi everyone!

I have an problem with new release 2021.1 , tested in two workstation!

When i try to build multiple process at same time for export bar files we have long time delay!!! , And sometimes nothing happened at all ! sad_smile.png

But when we try to build process one bye one every things is ok teeth_smile.png

Please help Me!!!