401 Unauthorized

401 unauthorized for /API/platform/licence


I'm using Bonita 7.2.1. I want to access GET|/API/platform/licence rest API. So I call POST|/loginservice with technical user(install) followed by GET|/API/platform/licence but I get 401 unauthorized error.

Please let me know what is missing.

Getting 401 unauthorized error in web rest API

Hello everyone,

I am new to Bonita BPM and trying to start a case from Web Rest API. I have call the http://localhost:8080/bonita/loginservice first and it gives me back token, I am sending another request to start the case
Request URL http://localhost:8080/bonita/API/bpm/case/
Request Method POST
Request Payload {"processDefinitionId": 1}

bonita 7.1 , problems with REST api and sessions

hello guy, i need help please:

I' usign the REST API from bonita 7.1 , and i'm creatig a web application using maven and incorporating bonita REST API.

I'm using this guide:

REST API Bonita 6.x Authentication 401 Unauthorized

Hello guys,

i am really new to bonitasoft.

Please help, i am writing my thesis at university and i already spend too much time on this issue and cannot go on because of this problem.

I did installed bonita(didn't need to do any configurations), created organisation and a process and deployed them. Now i want to integrate the bonita engine with a remote custom UI.