How to debug Bonita 5.9 bar that is imported to Bonita 6.x

Hello everyone, I'm Ami

I never use Bonita process designing feature, but I need to migrate a Bonita 5.9 bar to Bonita 6.x... And... as you know, when migrating to 6.x, there are some problem in the migration that needs to be reviewed I'm okay if it's only a warning, I don't know the process and the code anyway, but I worried with the red-X-marked one since it has a huge possibility to make the process not work correctly

How to upgrade bonita 5.x process to 5.9 or 5.10?

Hello I'm Ami

I need to upgrade any 5.x process to 5.9 or 5.10, but I don't know how to...

Thanks before