How can i use external URL form for human task with bonita 7


I want to use external form instead of UIDesigner form for human task. For my test i create a simple test with one human task and i write in the human task -> form -> URL : "www.google.com"

When i launch the process and come to this form i get an Error 500.

Do you know how i can use external form ? or where i can find documentation about it for bonita 7 ?


communicating between process

Thanks for reading and at least trying to help

I have some difficulties to work with two process.

The first has a task which 'lock' the process while 'things' are not done in the second.

The second do some validation things and then I try to :

  • update business data in the first process
  • end the 'waiting' task
  • make the first process continue to next task regarding the validation done by the second

I try to do this with Apiaccessor in a groovy script