Problem to load all users by role name in Rest API

Hi, In UI designer I have a select widget populate by "users" variable. "users" is a External API. I want to load all users by role name "director".

With: ../API/identity/role?p=0&c=100&f=name=director I load the role with id 2.

With: ../API/identity/user?p=0&c=200&f=enabled%3dtrue&o=lastname ASC&f=enabled=true&f=role_id=2 I load all users by role id 2. "users" = ../API/identity/user?p=0&c=200&f=enabled%3dtrue&o=lastname ASC&f=enabled=true&f=role_id=2

Business Data Model - JPQL outer join

Hi, I have two Business Data Model:

Rilievo - nome type:String - controlli type:Controllo multiple (relationship: Aggregation)

Controllo - nome type:String - codice type:String

In Manage Business Data Model (Studio) I want to create a custom query where I load all Controllo not present in Rilievo. What is the query JPQL?

I tried this query: SELECT c FROM Rilievo r RIGHT JOIN r.controlli c ORDER BY r.persistenceId ASC but it loads all controllo :(

Thanks Manolo

table widget not updated

Hello all,

I am new to bonita specially 7.0.1 (over jdk7.X - Windows 7). Since two days I run into strange troubles. I try to create my own application which at its early beginning mimics the procurement sample but with different business data. The first workflow is quite simple : start - view - end. Start form is like the procurement one and below you have the three parts in design mode : page, variables and properties.