Form checklists get "cannot be assigned to TEXT" error

Among the items on my form I have several checklist widgets, with values bound to JSON form variables. I've found that whenever I try to select anything on the checklists, the form won't submit - the error explanation on the Engine Log looks like:
[Victoria, Prince George, Burnaby] cannot be assigned to TEXT{lName=Smith, newUserRequestor=Jane Doe, endDate=null, jobTitle=null, fName=John} cannot be assigned to COMPLEX type
This error hasn't come up when I use other types of widgets, including dropdown lists and radio lists.

Active Directory authentication on Community 7.2

We can retrieve examples of Active Directory authentication on Bonita BPM, but they are always for earlier versions.
Does anyone manage to do it with the version 7.2 ?

I have tried to use the contribution "Steps to enable Active Directory on Bonita 6.5.X Community" by mrkroket

But I was stopped at the step 5, when I have to place "JAASAuthenticationServiceImpl.jar" on apache-tomcat/webapps/bonita/WEB-INF/lib
=> I'm using JBoss and not Tomcat.

Handle document list (delete / add) with 7.2


I have a process with a document list. The document list is created on the instantiaction form.

In one of the human tasks a user should be able to view / add / delete his documents. I first changed formInput to a Javascript expression to get the documents from the context (and other REST API variables):

return {
    "marchePublicRequestInput": $data.marchePublicRequest,
    "newStatus": "resend",
    "piecesJointesInput": $data.context.piecesJointes_ref

I also have an empty JSON object newDocuments

Cannot start Bonita 7.2 tomcat bundle + postgresql

I followed this tutorial http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/ubuntu-openjdk-tomcat-postgresql-0

When I started tomcat server I got this message

Node not started. Method 'org.bonitasoft.engine.api.LoginAPI.login' cannot be called until node has been started (PlatformAPI.startNode()). Exact class: org.bonitasoft.engine.api.impl.LoginAPII

Cannot use variable interpolation for placeholder


I am using BonitaBPM 7.2 community edition.
I have a text input and I wanted to use as a placeholder "Last available number: {{ myNumber }}"

The UI designer tooltip for placeholder suggests this is a valid option. Nevertheless this does not work and I get {{ myNumber }} as a placeholder.

I solved this by adding a text container with the hint inside but this would be nice if placeholders could effectively contain variable interpolation.

AuthenticationManager implementation does not exists

I am trying to create a custom AuthenticationManager implementation.

I started by a copy/paste of StandardAuthenticationManagerImpl (which basically does nothing!) and created a nice custom-auth.jar file.

I put that jar in workspace/tomcat/lib and modified the auth.AuthenticationManager property in authenticationManager-config.properties.

When I start the portal from the studio I have two options:

7.2 - calendar not localized?

I have an instantiation form that use 2 calendar widgets but they appear to be only english localized

I am using the 7.2 community edition and testing using the studio.

Using the ACME Organization:
Connected user: walter bates
Preferences / language : french

The portal is localized in french (Bienvenue, Paramètres...) but not the date picker.

Is it a bug or dit I miss something?

No graphic mode for Oracle connector

I am trying to connect to an Oracle 11G database using the wizard.

When I get to the mode step the graphic mode is greyed out:

I've seen lots of references to 7.2 - So what's coming?

Hi Bonitasoft,

I've read recently several references to 7.2 and availability sometime in the 1st part of 2016, not least it being referred to in several webcasts... :) thanks

Just wondering if you can give us a heads up on some of the added benefits we expect to see...

Internatinalization (subscription only)
Office (word, excel, powerpoint) integration (?)

many thanks and best regards