Sum of items

Actually I use Bonita Studio Community 7.5.4


I have created a form where I have a collection with a field called subtotal, therefore for each new collection another subtotal field is added so that they can be from 1 to 10,100 or 1000.


How can I add up all the subtotals that are generated?

I think the best way to do this is in a script because I need the total value to meet a condition on a gateway or if it is possible to do it from the form, could you give me ideas on how to do it!

Thanks in advanced!

How to assign task a specific user

Hello community!

I would like to know if it is possible to assign a task to a specific user instead of an actor or to a user that is not defined in the actor, it is known that we can assign a group within the actor and all the people who are in that group can take the task, but if the user is not in that group within the actor is it possible to be assigned the task?

Actually I use Bonita Studio 7.5.4 and Server in the same version.

API: retrieve name of a gateway default transition


I have designed a workflow with an exclusive gateway with one conditional transition and the mandatory default one. In the designer the 'name' attribute is populated.

When I retrieve the transitions from the API, for the conditional transition, the name defined in the designer is the condition name (gateway.transition.condition.name). But for the default transition, no condition is defined so I cannot figure out how to retrieve the name defined in the designer.

Is there a way to retrieve the name of the default transition ?

Thanks in advance