acces forms by url

Correllating Tasks and BDOs

I have an app page that displays a table of all my BDOs. I've created a means to select specific objects. I want to be able to click a button or link after this selection to open the next step in my process for this record.

I think I can do this using a URL call for the form and passing the Task ID for the record that I've selected, but I cannot figure out how to correlate the selected record from by BDO to a Task ID.

URL of a Form


I have created a process. Start --> Human Task (with form and DB connector) --> end

I wish to access this form from an email. In short I need a URL for this form. How can I get this? Do I need to create an API, or can I just access the form? I have read a lot of questions regarding this but I am new to Bonita. So I did not quite understand well how to do this.


Accès formulaire Bonita dans iframe


Je suis débutant en Bonita et je viens de faire une première appli web en utilisant l' API java Bonita. J'ai réussi à récupérer la liste des processus , instancier des processus et générer les URL (en utilisant BonitaURLTools). Par contre, lorsque j'envoi l'URL dans une Iframe je me retrouve sur la page d’authentification de la portail Bonita pourtant je me suis bien authentifier avec l'API Bonita.

Problem with submit button accesin to bonita forms by url


I have a problem submitting the forms accesing it by url. I am using bonita bundle v6.2.2 and, when I start a new instance of the process all goes ok, but when I try to submit a task, bonita tells me:

The information has been submitted. A task is now available /- link to the next task -/

but the link to the next task is exactly the same task I have submitted.