Alternative access to activity variable

I have a form that need to access an activity variable that store a result from a SQL query to populate a select widget, but using ../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{taskId}}/varname i'm getting 403 status result and the select widget stay empty.
Using ../API/bpm/caseVariable/{{taskId}}/varname i'm obtaining a string that need to be formatted in javascript for the select widget

There's a clean way to do this? the first form I describe works very well but i need to be administrator... any suggestions?


FlowNodeNotFoundException in Bonita 7.3.1

I want to use bonita ui forms in BonitaBPMCommuntiy-7.3.1-tomcat-7.0.67. I have added permissions profile|User=[flownode_visualization] in but i am still getting following error. what should i do now?'s picture

This is a custom widget, that can be used in Living Applications and process forms in the BPMS solution called Bonita BPM (version 7.x). This widget gives you the possibility to load the value of a variable which is available in a running activity. The retrieval is performed via a REST call to the Bonita BPM REST API.

Living Application: Display of list of tasks and the value of their variables

Hi folks,
let's see if you have an idea for this.

I am building a living application. One container repeats over a collection.
I get that collection via API like this:
../API/bpm/activity?f=name=Artikel bewerten

(besides: How can I filter for only type=user_task?).

Now, for every activity that is returned, I want to retrieve an activity variable with a specific name ("test").
I've created an API call for that like this:
../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{ $ }}/test