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Actor filter

Hello i am creating a process in which i have 3 actor lanes.How can i specify that a task which is completed to a lane then it is reeurned to the specific user of the previous lane who started that task.

How to save the output of an actor filter into a variable?


I have a process with a lane on which I have an actor Validator

I have configured an actor filter on this lane.

I need to know who are the users that are associated to the lane because I need to send a notification to them.

In my process I need to send the notification in a service task and then after a while I have a human task.

Change Actors Dynamically


I want to define a group of actors in the current task to be candidates of the next task. I see that it is possible using actor filters. Can someone help me with this implementation?

P.S. I use Bonita Community 7.10.3 and the access is via Engine API.



Filters for teams of 2 with supervisors

Hi! We have a process with several teams. Each team is a group of 2 users -- here, students doing a translation work. Each team has 6 sheets to translate (and to summarize with an abstract). Team A is Alice and Albert, team B is Brigitte and Bob, etc.

Alice is translating sheets A1, A2 and A3.

Albert is translating sheets A4, A5 and A6.

Albert is the reviewer of the work done by Alice (sheets A1, A2 and A3). Alice reviews the translation work done by Albert (sheets A4, A5 and A6).

groovy DAO, access to BDM on an actor filter groovy


I have a question, i have tried in a lot of ways to make the connection to the BDM on a java class actor filter implementation.

Looking on the package explorer, i can see this is a groovy script and that is my question, is there posible to connect to the BDM on a groovy script.

My class is

access bdm query on groovy script for an actor filter

Hello again, i have a question extremely complex.

I have created an actor filter, that have a name as input.

on the implementation, in the java code, i need to access to a query from my dbm called userreviewbyuserinit, that query extract one name of a reviewer from a table that is defined on a custom user table on my bdm.

anybody know how can i access to a bdm table query on a groovy script.

i don't know if this is going to work but i need to access to a table that is custom, it have 3 columns initiator, review1, review2.

Set a process initiator

Good evening,

Problem : I need to let an actor to start a called process ( be an initiator ) when a main process call that process:


How to know the id of the user who picked up the task and to know the id of your organization?

I'm having a hard time running a certain task in my process, my need is the following, I need the user to start certain process in the portal, this task will be automatically assigned to it, so do not need to get the terefa again when it opens in Your task list, however, what I am having difficulty is that if the user resolves to release this task, it may appear again to all users enabled to perform this task, however, as I am choosing the user ID that Is in Session at the time the process starts and I'm applying an actor filter with this id, this task always appears only to the user who st