How can I filter what autors do?

I already established an employee and a boss for to types of task, but when I run the pool every user can do any task, so I cannot get the action to evaluate vacations assigned just to the supervisor.

Please let me know where exactly can I do this and how should I do it... could anybody give me an example.

How many actors can I chose in process in CE?


I'm creating process with 14 actors. But in CE I see only 10 actors. Is this CE restriction?

Assign a Task to Every User in a lane/group (independently)


I'm looking to have a signoff-like task assigned to every member returned by a particular filter. It's a review/signoff task, so each person needs to complete it independently. I don't know the number of people in advance, could be just one or dozens. I've seen lots of questions about a pool of users being able to do a task, but in that case, only one user actually does the task. I need all of the users to do the task concurrently.



How to delete an actor

I am using Bonitasoft Studio 7.3.3 - Community Edition. Can someone tell me how to delete an actor after it has been created? I can only see that it is possible to add new actors to a diagram, but it does not appear to be possible to rename or delete them after they have been created.

How to set the assignee of a certain lane or human task to a variable set inside a form?

I'm brand new to Bonita, and I was wondering how we could have the user type in a name into a field in a form created by UI Designer (mapped to some variable), and then have that be the assignee for a future human task or lane?

Resources would be greatly appreciated! :)

(Eventually, we might want a form where we can add N number of approvers, and have all those approvers have to approve - does anyone have suggestions on the best way to do this as well?

Parallel multi-instantion. I can't put different actors for each instance

I have a global variablre users_todo(which contains ids of user,type list). My siagram has two steps. Second step's iteration typa is Parallel multi-instantion. I want to create parallel process, where each has different actor. I don't know how it can be done?

Select Actors From A List Defined As A Variable for 6.5.1

I want to send task for selected user from combobox

Dynamic actors

Hi,all I’m new to bonita bpm,and I want to know how to use actor dynamically in Bonita BPM 6.3.8. I have two questions about this: 1 I added a variable role with data type text ,it contains the real role in my organization .How can I add actors with data role in one human task? 2 If I installed the app in the protal. How can I enable the app without mapping any real user or role or group in my organization.

Thanks for any help and suggestions! :)


Getting Task Actor via API REST (BOS 6.X)

Hi there again!

Guys, i really need some info related to the tasks and the users that can actually perform them. I really don't know where to start, maybe i'm missing a lot of things. I googled a little and looked in this forum with no luck, if any of you have any tutorial or some resource about how to deal with bonita users, that'll be awesome!

I have a simple process with 1 task and 1 Actors group (if i can call them like that). I've assigned the task to that specific actor group.