SSO implementation in community edition


I've been exploring Bonita for the past few weeks. I am interested in implementing a bonita based solution for an office that requires SAML v2 SSO for user authentication. Is this possible with the community edition? Also is it possible to use the security groups in AD with bonita?

Active Directory authentication on Community 7.2

We can retrieve examples of Active Directory authentication on Bonita BPM, but they are always for earlier versions.
Does anyone manage to do it with the version 7.2 ?

I have tried to use the contribution "Steps to enable Active Directory on Bonita 6.5.X Community" by mrkroket

But I was stopped at the step 5, when I have to place "JAASAuthenticationServiceImpl.jar" on apache-tomcat/webapps/bonita/WEB-INF/lib
=> I'm using JBoss and not Tomcat.

LDAP Auth in Community Version

Hi folks,
the community version of BOS does not provide LDAP. We urgently need it :)

I've seen many posts, but no real solution.
I've found this which provides bonita-auth.jar

Does someone have an idea on how to place and include bonita-auth.jar, so that it is used by Bonita?