Connecteur Alfresco - CMIS : Savoir si un dossier existe déjà

Je souhaite créer un plan de classement de façon dynamique dans Alfresco à partir de Bonita. Mais je rencontre un problème quand un dossier existe déjà, le connecteur CMIS se met en erreur. Je ne trouve pas de connecteur qui permet de détecter l’existence d'un dossier. Comment peut on éviter l'erreur?
Merci pour vos réponses

Upload Multiple Documents to Alfresco

I am using uploading multiple documents using bonita ui by using Multiple file uploading example given at link : I required to upload multiple documents to alfresco. How can i do that ?.I am new to bonita and alfresco so help kindly. Thanks in advance.

How to upload document to bonita

I want to upload all type of documents to be uploaded to alfresco but how is it possible using "cmis upload new document connector"?. Currently i can upload text document only. how is it possible in bonita.

Task is not assigned to next user if document is not uploaded

I have document upload field in form. If i upload document it is forward to next user if it is not uploaded the it is not assigned to next user. I need that if document is uploaded or not it must be forward to next user. how can i make it possible in Bonita BPM Community Edition Version : 7.3.1. I also want to know that how can i access document variable in script defined in document tab.

CMIS Connector for upload list of documents is missing


I watched with great interest the webinar Managing documents and workflow by coupling BPM + ECM and was very enthused by the CMIS connector that uploads multiple documents at once.

For some reason, this CMIS connector does not appear in my list.

Updating file in alfresco

Has anyone used alfresco 5 with bonita 7.2 ?

I am able to upload files to alfresco but cant update them.

Can someone please tell me with example the configuration for CMIS connector to upload a new version of document.

Particularly what shall be filled on the connector configuration window for "Document" where it has heading "Enter the document to upload information" and fields "Document name" and "Remote document"

Easy way to save multiple documents to Alfresco

Is there an easy way to save multiple documents from Bonita to Alfresco dynamically?
I have found some instructions in the following link, but it didn't work for me.

[RESOLVED] Dynamic destination folder for Alfresco connector

How can I make a dynamic destination folder for Alfresco connector, so that the path is not always the same?
For example, I need to make a new folder in Alfresco whenever the process is started so that the documents for the process would be saved as in tree hierarchy as in /User%20Homes/BPM/Process1, /User%20Homes/BPM/Process2 etc.

cmis connector session

Hi Devs,

I am using bonita 7.0.1, as I can see that the cmis available connectors are killing the session within one task, can't be carried out to next adjacent task. Is there any way that I can edit the implementation, or any smart ways to get the sessions out of the task?


Bonitasoft and Alfresco

Hello Everybody,

Has anyone installed community versions of Bonitasoft and Alfresco on the same ubuntu server running the same tomcat instance and db (postgresql in my case)? I'm in the middle of doing it myself. I got Bonitasoft going but when I implement Alfresco then it becomes tough. I have tried manual install of Alfresco as well as their installation wizard but I am running to issues. My purpose is to ultimate create proof-of-concept demos. I'm moving towards getting a different box for Alfresco in order to save time or use the Amazon Alfresco AMI.