Angular Js

How to show message of custom validation?


I'm using Bonita Studio community version 7.8 and I'm newcomer in Angular js.

I add a new validation in a custom widget:

1. add module in "Required angular modules"

2. add js file in "Assets"

3. add attributes of module to my input

Now I wanna to show error message after input, But I don't know How do I do!

New validation works and show relevant class added to input.

How I add my message in ng-messages-include:

How to define angular js filter in Custom widget in UI designer.


I need to create a simple custom widget with Angular Js.

I define the app controller inside the controller

app.filter('startFrom', function() {

return function(input, start) {
    start = +start;
    return input.slice(start);


var startFrom= $filter('filter');

    startFrom([],  function(input, start) {
            if (input) {
        start = +start;
       return input.slice(start);
    return [];

However, it seems not working.

The template code is

Angular js with custom widget : uib-pagination is not working.

I created a simple custom widget with angular js.

The code is simple.
I added angular js asset.

however,** uib-pagination** didn't appear in UI preview.
I would like to know if I miss some part.
Any help appreciated .



Show Rest API output inside a Html table and have sorting capability implemented for the table

My requirement is that I am returning JSON data from a REST Api call. I need to bind that Data to a table .
For this , I have used standard table widget from the designer . It works fine.
But a part of the Requirement is to be able to have the functionality to sort the data as well based on users choice of any parameter.
I have explored quite a few examples of this in different angular js tutorials but I am not sure how to implement the same in Bonitasoft custom widget.

Tengo un problema al mapear una variable (JSON) a una tabla de html. La variable de formulario es una collection java de datos complejos.

Hola a toda la comunidad de Bonita, soy nuevo en Bonita 7.2 y cualquier ayuda será agradecida.
Espero que tengan un buen día.

Este es el problema:
Creé un custom widget(widget persomalizado), con una tabla tipo <table> de HTML, y le paso un parámetro que es una collection de datos complejos, y siempre obtengo un erro de Angular de parseo, que también adjunto al final.
Estoy mostrando en un campo de texto el JSON con los valores, y es correcto.

How to enable cors in Bonita Tomcat ?

Hi ,

are there any file in bonita folders , that it allow me to change anything in order to comunicat with API REST, because i have this error:

XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://localhost:8080/bonita/loginservice. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://localhost' is therefore not allowed access.

Also i have to say that when i put this code :