AngularJS Widgets

Minifying js files

I have created a custom page using UI designer. In the page I have several custom widgets, the problem is in the index.html it loads different js corresponding to each widget independently. Is it a way to concatenate these independent js files and then minify them? Any link/demo code to solve this problem would be helpful. Thanks.

Issues with data table widget


I'm using a Data Table for showing data from a REST API but it can't paginate the data (it always shows an "1" on the table bottom without considering the number of rows), it can't sort the data nor filter it.

I can't see any log to debug it, anyone has similar issues?

Custom Widget property type to support JSON data : Bonita 7

I am trying to create a new custom widget in Bonita 7 and I need a Property that can accept JSON data (not simple array collection) i.e., I want to assign below data
'header1': 'data1-1',
'header2': 'data1-2',
'header3': 'data1-3'
'header1': 'data2-1',
'header2': 'data2-2',
'header3': 'data2-3'

How to show an image asset from a widget

Hello everybody,

I am trying to create a widget that eventually will be the footer of my application. It has some icons that I add as assets for the widget but I cannot find the path for the src attribute. Anybody knows how to path the asset?



Get current date on a new Bonita 7 form


Maybe this is a dumb question but I've had issues trying to get the current date in a form.

First I create a variable and I call it "currentDate" as this JS expression:

return new Date();

Then I put a widget (text, input, title, etc) with this value.

Today is {{ currentDate | Date }}

Then I try the form.

When the form runs, it enters on an infinite loop, It always refresh the variable.

How can I change the starting day on calendar from Datepicker

I began to use new UI Designer 7.0.2 and found out that the popup calendar view from Datepicker widget was more simplified and sophisticated. However, the starting day of calendar is "Monday" that is still fixed, and we can not change it to "Sunday". The starting day of calendar differ by nation and also displaying need of week numbers differ by nation.

How to redirect a page using AngularJS (or JS)


I'm trying to redirect the browser to the login page using AngularJS from an app page but I can't do it. I'm using this code from a custom widget:

Using jQuery in Custom Widgets (Bonita 7)

How can I use jquery in my custom widgets? I have code like the following in my controller function:

Nested Custom Widgets (Bonita 7)

I've created a custom widget that I would like to use in another custom widget. I know custom widgets are created as angualr directives so in theory I should be able to reference them in the template of my other widget:

widget personalizado editor de texto

Bonita 7.0 En espera de que se pueda incluir un widget editor de texto he intentando crear un widget personalizado. He encontrado un editor de texto en AngularJS que pienso que podría servir. . Lo he bajado y he cargado textAngular.js en Editor widgets personalizados/recursos. He añadido textAngular en Módulos angular requeridos

Después he añadido lo siguiente en la plantilla: