AngularJS error : How to debbug ?


I'm trying to create some forms using the UI Designer. I face en error with a widget but I don't know how to find what is the cause of this error. Here is the error :

How can I debbug this ?

How can I pass variables to the process using AngularJS and REST API?


I need help with Angular/Bonita interaction in my project. I have a task - create connection between external web forms and a process. I watched Bonita webinars about Angular. In the last one I saw a good tool for this task(Forms->Redirect to URL), but it's available only in subscription versions of Bonita. Now I'm trying to make the same thing in Community using AngularJS and REST like this:

bonita 6.5 angular

Is the angularjs api for bonita 6.5 open to community edition ? If so, is there documentation somewhere ?

Thanks, K

Angular.JS in Community Edition possible?


i want to use the Angular.JS Features with my Bonitasoft Community Edition. (without the customPage Section :-[ )

I develop with the Studio and BonitaSoft 6.4.1 Community.

I've tried to test with the following simple example:

my example.js

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Bonita BPM Dashboard built on AngularJS and integrated as a custom page in the Bonita Portal. Based on Fabio Lombardi's (Bonitasoft) original work Edited by Philippe Ozil (Bonitasoft).

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