Unable to deserialize object when starting a new case of a process

Hi everybody.
I made this step:
1) I defined a BDM com.xyz.Class with only one attribute (a String, mandatory)
2) I defined a process variable "var" of type com.xyz.Class (the class defined in BDM)
3) I made a (VERY) simple process with one simple task which should show the process variable instantiated when starting a new case.

Update the field of bdm object while task remain to the current actor


I want to update one of the fields of my business object without submitting the task.
Actually, I want to add notes of my current task without submitting it.

Is there any method to do that, a POST call to call update query or something else.
I have read in the documentation that only SELECT queries are allowed.

Asad Shakeel

Rest API Extension deployment

Hi guys,
We were wondering if there is a way to deploy all the REST API Extensions at once for the Studio ?

Use Case : I import my workspace in a new local repository, I have 10 REST API Extensions.
For now I have to select the Extensions one by one, and select Deploy...

Can we do a global maven build ? How can I know the Maven Phase executed by the Studio when you click on Deploy... ?

Cheers :)