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Is it possible to start a process with start message thru Rest API?

Hi all,

I am new to Bonita. I want to start a process with "start message" without knowing its process id thru rest api, is it possible? I couldn't find any example on Internet. Many thank in advance.

Send Message via Rest API Bonita 7.10.3 - Community


I need to send a message via rest api to a specific instance of a process. I create a CatchMessage called abortPayment with a correlation called processInstanceIdKey (groovy with "processInstanceId"). Via rest api I do the next request:

End process with error using REST API

Hi every body,

I am currently facing a problem with attached document in the workflow.

The attached document is analyzed with the antivirus and there is a chance that the document will be put in quarantine and I cannot modify the workflow to integrate this case.

Knowing that, my approach consist to create a script to verify if my document is on the quarantine folder or not, in this case I will end my workflow with error or exception.

Can I interrupt my workflow using the REST API? if yes, how can I do so?


Task's Failed state

Good afternoon !, so I'm using REST API to execute a task using external URL FORM, when I send the post method to execute the task, it gives me 204 Response from the server and everything seems to be working fine, but when I look back in the portal, I find out that the state of that task is FAILED ! What can trigger task failure ? NB: Im using bonita 7.10.4 Community version

Add URL TO a form

Good morning ! so I have a process with two human tasks and added two external Forms to em using external URL option. Everything work fine in the portal . My goal is when I start the process outside the portal, I will be able to access the form using a URL containing that specific processeId and taskId, so how to build that URL , how to add it to the form , and what is the format of the Form URL ?

Unknow error in angular http request in the log

Hi guys, I'm trying to do the login from angular 8 to bonita rest api, but I have un unknow error

this is the code

login (bonitaLoginRequest: IBonitaLoginRequest) {

console.log("login service")

let header = new HttpHeaders()

.append('Accept', '*/*')

.append('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded')

.append('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*')

.append('Set-Cookie', 'SameSite=None')

console.log("start call ", JSON.stringify(bonitaLoginRequest))

How to retrieve the local files on server side with file name from front pages?

Hi everyone,

I currently encountered a problem. I have a form where users can select several file names among a lot of names, then we'll lead users to another application page with the selected name(s). Since this redirection does not reflect a process or a task at backend( the pool), I have no way to do some operations( like retrieving the files in my repository by names via Groovy) to manage the documents variable, which means I can't display the files by document_ref in my file viewer.

So is there any method that can help me to realize that?

CORS problem

Hello Community,

Ive been trying to consume the Bonita rest API from another domain, I followed the documentation to enable CORS in Bonita Server and used the example that appear here:


When the page load I get the following error:

Changing the group membership of a user in bonitasoft portal doesn't show effect in the REST API calls

I was trying to change the group membership of the user using the administrator role on the portal, and i changed the role of one of the user and the tasks showing up for him changed accordingly on the portal under the tasks tab, but when i do REST API calls,I am receiving tasks of the previous group of the user only, can you please help me out with this bug?

Is there any way to know the total amount of elements that the API call will return without executing the call or calling only a part of the elements

Is there any way to know the total amount of elements that the API call will return without executing the call or calling only a part of the elements? I just need to know the quantity, not the content.