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Update Case and Activity after successful PUT state not changing


I am using rest API and I have a problem changing the state of case and activity. Also, I am in need of information or code snippet on how to claim the task on JavaScript.

I use Living Application example but not able to claim the Human task, Query Activity, and Case State after the update,

For now, I just can make the activity Completed, but when I try another state, the response gives 200 but state activity remains on executing. Please clear me what is the difference between this state executing and state that I want to assign.

Is there a way to start a process by a delegated user using API in Community Edition?

I'm trying to use the Rest API to manage our process. I'm stuck in the process instantiation, since I couldn't find a way to inform the user who actually created the case...

As I'm using the Rest API, I'm logging in with an admin user, and I'd like to indicate he is acting in name of the real user. But the API is just a POST to /API/bpm/process/:processId/instantiation, and there is no information about any kind of delegation or something like that.

Is there any way to do what I need?

Version 7.9.1