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Extensión REST API

como aceptar parámetros en formato json en una REST API BONITA

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REST API Extension

Hi, i would like to create REST API Extension for Bonita that can return file (to download). I stores files on a server machine and on call GET MyRestApiExtension Service i would like to server file, that can be download. On RestApiResponseBuilder i set mediaType n application/octet-stream and i also add additional header "Content-Disposition" but i have problem to server files bytes to response.

Have anyone do this or is it even posible.

How can i create REST API extensions.

i want to create a rest api extensions but when i follow the official documentation of bonitasoft i cant find any tab in bonitastudio engine.

Generate a new REST API extension skeleton
In the Development menu, choose REST API Extension then New....

but i cant find tab related to rest api extensions.