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Realizar petición GET desde un formulario de instanciación

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estoy intentando relizar un un proceso con un formaulario de instanciacion que aparezca al iniciar dicho proceso. Este formulario deberia de mosotrar algunos datos de mi DB SQL SERVER. Ademas tengo mi propia API REST en nodejs que me devuelve dichos datos con peticiones GET.

Developing a REST API Extension

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So I need to connect to an external database to retrieve data in my custom page application. One of the proposed method is the use of a Rest API Extension (ps: Im new to use a Rest API EXtension).

So, I have followed the steps mentionned in the example https://github.com/Bonitasoft-Community/rest-api-sql-data-source + The documentation, but nothing seems to be working ! When I try to deploy my Extension from the studio , I got this error when the test is run

Shared groovy packages for REST API extensions

Hello everyone,

Is there a possibility to create a groovy package, for example a in a .jar file, and share it for all the Bonita REST API extensions?

I tried to put the .jar package in tomcat's lib/ folder and restart Bonita BPM, but it does not work, the class is not recognized from REST API extension. Is there a documentation on this or some trick I might have missed?

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Process instantiation


I have created bpm and bpm on Bonita studio. I am working on .net and able to query data from the database which is H2. The process uses form that is generated from the JSON contract form schema. I have problem posting data HTTP post using web API clients. On the client-side, all went fine and all statuses are Ok and data are serialized . I have created DTO for transfering data and when i insatiate process I go step by step debugging and everything is fine. Does Bonita community have a restriction with external API posting data?

Extensión REST API

como aceptar parámetros en formato json en una REST API BONITA

Suscripción de Bonita BPM - Performance

REST API Extension

Hi, i would like to create REST API Extension for Bonita that can return file (to download). I stores files on a server machine and on call GET MyRestApiExtension Service i would like to server file, that can be download. On RestApiResponseBuilder i set mediaType n application/octet-stream and i also add additional header "Content-Disposition" but i have problem to server files bytes to response.

Have anyone do this or is it even posible.

How can i create REST API extensions.

i want to create a rest api extensions but when i follow the official documentation of bonitasoft i cant find any tab in bonitastudio engine.

Generate a new REST API extension skeleton
In the Development menu, choose REST API Extension then New....

but i cant find tab related to rest api extensions.