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Cannot create users Via Rest API

I am new to Bonita using version 7.7.3 and trying to create a new user using the rest api within POSTMAN.
I logged in with a rest request to http://localhost:8080/bonita/loginservice and it returns an X-Bonita-API-Token.
I have been able to login using 2 different default users:
"password": "bpm",
"userName": "walter.bates"

"password": "install",
"userName": "install"

[API] How to get the groups of a user?

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to get the groups of the logged user. However, the only possibility that I have found is getting the users of a group, and I want the opposite relation.
It is possible to do this with Bonita API? I tried multiple combinations but I didn't get the expected result.


Identity API filter results by Professional email address

Hi, I am using Identity API to fetch users present in Bonita (using détails here - https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/6.x-7.2/identity-api#user) . Is it possible to filter the results by Professional email address i.e. fetch only those users whose Professional email address matches a pattern (like @gmail.com) ?