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Expected Input Issue

I'm fairly new to Bonita, and I'm looking for a little assistance getting past this error:

"Error while validating expected inputs
Expected input [name] is missing
Expected input [issue] is missing"

I'm not using any Business Data Objects, my requirements utilize an in-house WebAPI which will be handling all the data. We would like to use Bonita for their forms and workflow mostly.

For my test setup I just have a single Human Step, with a contract, a form, operations, and an outbound connector.

Forms problems when deploying the process to the server


I have a process which works as expected from the Studio but when I deploy into the server, one of the forms doesn't work properly.

I have two forms and two process variables (of type collection) in two different pools. I'm using exactly the same external API to get the data in the two forms :
varName1 = ../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{taskId}}/processVariable1 --> first form
varName2 = ../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{taskId}}/processVariable2 --> second form

Error 403 when accessing process variable

Hello All,

We are accessing a process variable from a form, using the API accessor (../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{taskId}}/productList).

This works perfectly for the admin user (user with both the user and admin profiles), but it doesn't work for a regular user, even though the user initiated the case. OTOH, it always works for the admin user, even when the admin user didn't start the case.

The regular user receives a 403 Forbidden error. When we review the request and response, we see the bonita cookie there.

We are using version 7.5.0.