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Process XML Schema

Good morning ! I want to ask you about the XML file "processName.proc" ! In this file there is information about the whole process (tasks, contract, inputs, business data etc...), But there is no information about the variables used in the tasks associated, the ones we define in the UI Designer, is there any indication about those variables in the XML File that I couldn't pay attention to ?

If no, where Can I get information about those variables from a file ?

Link in UI form


I'm tryng to feed the URL of a Link Widget with a variable coming from the process, but it seems that the usual way to get data does not work:

This is what I put into the URL field of the component : {{quotation.URLQuotation}}, and I can get that value if I put it in a text field .



How use one field of a form to populate other fields?

Hello Bonita Community,

Right now, I have a form variable of type external API called customersList. It is a list of objects. In my form, I have a Customer Name and Customer Id. For the Customer Name, I use an auto-complete widget. So, when I type something in the Customer Name field, it will give me a list of suggestions. When I click on one of the suggestion, I want the Customer Id field automatically populated with the information corresponding to the name I choose.

Using Custom REST API inside UI designer

So now i have been able to get the API running 100% working fine and i want to use the API inside the UI designer

API looks like this http://localhost:8080/bonita/API/extension/sqlExample?queryId=getPersona... it shows the complete REST API info like this


and i want to use inside UI Designer , so i added a new variable and i used the API like this

How to populate a form with business data

Hello community,

can anyone explain to me where I went wrong in trying to show the business data of a case in a task related form?

In the form editor I declared the following variables:
context = ../API/bpm/case/{{caseId}}/context
crData = ../{{context.cr_ref.link}} // the name of the business object declared both in the BDM and the pool is "cr"

The values of the input fields in form are linked to the crData variable (for example: "crData.id").

[UI-Designer] Display Rest API result in dropdown list

Hello everyone,

I'm in front of a problem when i want to display users in a dropdown.
In UI-Designer, i have create an "External API" varriable with this url : '../API/identity/user?f="enabled"=true'

UI Designer - Why I'm getting the wrong business data model?

Hey guys,
I created in the past 3 tables that are accessing the business data via external API and it works. Now I added a new business data model, called "Druckfreigabe". But as soon as I try to get my Content via external API, I get the old model displayed. That doesnt make sense.

I used this line for my old buisness data model, called ManuskriptEinsenden:

Form editor Hidden property not work correctly

I have issue when I'm trying appear and disappear text based on condition (boolean data variable)
even the value become false - so the text must appear - nothing show.
I test that the value become true and false multiple time still the same.

api external name : restResult
api external value : ../API/bpm/caseVariable/{{task.rootCaseId}}/errorHide
hidden property fx defined as "restResult.value"

note that 'errorHide' variable declare as boolean process variable.