API java

How to give user to jump into dashboard

I want to add one button in form , when user click on it , it will jump to its portal, how to archive it .

How to Get UserId of selected user in form .

I create one form with select field , and add initial value is list of user in that select field .

UserCriterion Error When I try to fetch/return list of users

in Select field , i write one groovy script to fetch initial value : list of available users

How to Create Document in PDF with forms All content

I create one from with all employee detail now i want to add action on submit button .

when it clicked : document is generated of all detail and email to the employee email id

Pl can i know how to achieve it . how to generate document .

Thanks kandarp

Problem to access Bonita BPM Portal by URL

Hi, I created a process in BPM Studio 6.2.6 "MyProcess" version 1.0. I exported the process in .bar file. By means a Java Program, I deploy and enable the process on Tomcat.

In BonitaBPMCommunity-6.2.6-Tomcat-6.0.37\bonita\server\tenants\1\work\processes there is a folder 4670567739103740067

Please Provide code for get taskname , taskid , current Case id using Bonitasoft api

hello ,

i create one process at i want to mail Admin after task completed following details

**logged User ID logged User Name Name of task Case ID Task ID **

i found user detail by getIdentityAPI() but how to find this processes terms .

pl provide specific code or API name

thanks advance for the help