API REST process variable

How to convert JSON Data to a array List in a connector

I'm trying to fetch data using a script connector which involves a rest API Call.The response rendered is in the form of JSON. Now am trying to retrieve this data through a process variable so that i can use it in my form.Please suggest how to achieve this.

List is not properly loading in bonita ui select widget

I am trying to show list values in select widget in bonita ui using process variable but its not working .I am using Bonita BPM Community Edition
Version : 7.3.3 Studio. Its showing values character by character not as string values.It should show values like:

some 1
some 2
but its displaying values like:

My whole process is given at link.

How to show process variable in UI Designer form?

Hello every one.
I use Bonita BPM Community Edition 7.1.2 and I want to show value of process variable "myProcessVar" (has default value) in UI Designer Form.
(Sorry about my poor English language)
Please help me.

Get variables of an archived process instance

Hi evereyone,

I want to get the list of variables of an archived process instance using Bonita REST API, I dont found any method that can return the list of variables of archived instances. I can get variables of started instances but I can't get the list of archived instances variables.

Any help please ?

Display the content of a database table with a specific process variable defined in a pool


I tried to display the content of a database table with a specific process variable defined in a pool.

Firstable, I have created a process variable in a pool with a static default value.
Then I have configured a "table" widget in the UI and tried to configure a variable as below:

Nothing is displayed in the result page.
I am not sure about the REST API call.

Can you explain me what is wrong.
Thank you for your feedback.