My actor filter need access to the BDM


I am writing an actor filter that needs access to the BDM.
I am struggling with the BusinessObjectDAOFactory as createDAO method need an APISession parameter. My problem is that the APISession seems not to be accessible from the filter method.

Here is my code:

starting a process


I have a dabase outside bonita (SQL), and i need to initiate the process automatically, when new data is added to the SQL database. I got an api to get the data, but no idea of how to start a process without human interactions.



Access process variables from instantiation form (7.2)


I am new to Bonita BPM so maybe I am not doing the right thing but here is my scenario.

I want to create a process and I need some reference values from our ERP (Oracle database). Those reference values are only revelant during the process execution so I created some process variables and a in-connector that populate the process variable

The question is I do not know how to access the process variables from the instantiation form. I looked at the BPM api but being an instantiation form there is no caseId I can use.

So two questions:

Is there a connector to call RESTful webservice just like the SAOP webservice connector ?

Is there a connector to call RESTful webservice just like the SAOP webservice connector ?

Change password via REST not possible for non-administrator / HTTP 403 Forbidden

Hi dear community,
I've built a Live Application that is called "Set your password".

This live application just has two input fields and one button.
The button sends the request to the Bonita API via put.

The payload is generated via Javascript:
var payload = { "password": $data.newPass, "password_confirm": $data.newPassRepeat };

The API is called via:
../API/identity/user/{{ userId.user_id }}

If I use this as an administrator, it works, as a user I get a 403 forbidden error. Why?

How to map ID of CaseID from a sucessfull form submit?

Hi, i'm using bonitasoft 7.1.5 and i'm trying to map the Caseid from a successful form Submit to get the id of the next task in the list. In theory it works, when i press submit in the form i can see the caseID that i get from the request, but the variables from wich i get the id remain empty, any idea why?
* got 2 variables.
- Caseid = null
- InfoCaseID = http://localhost:8080/bonita/API/bpm/humanTask?c=1&p=0&f=caseId={{Caseid.caseId}} (empty)

[SOLVED] How to update user with API Identity

Hi ,
I can not update a user's data with the API Identity .
Here is my code :

import org.bonitasoft.engine.api.IdentityAPI;
import org.bonitasoft.engine.identity.User;
import org.bonitasoft.engine.identity.UserUpdater;

aUser instanciation...

UserUpdater updateDescriptor = new UserUpdater();

try {

External app via Bonita REST API?

Is it possible to access Bonita REST API through an external application? (On a different Server and Port ej. Ruby on Rails or Django app)

I've already tried to to this with ngBonita however there is a problem when trying to consume the cookie in "Set-cookie" header from a different domain.

Has anyone tried something similar?

Affectation de taches & API de récupération des instances d'une taches non assignées


Dans le cadre d'un POC sur un processus couvrant une activité avec un volume de taches important, j'ai besoin de définir une politique d'assignation des taches. Les taches étant traitées par un pool d'intervenants.

2 principales options sont identifiées :
- 1 : chaque intervenant va prendre les taches depuis la bannette commune (avec éventuellement un filtre d'acteur).
- 2 : un coordonnateur (le manager) effectue le dispatch manuel / semi automatique à intervalles réguliers par affectation de lots de taches aux différents intervenants.

Bonita Home and properties in Bonita 7.0.2

The documentation says :
"The bonita.home system property points to the root directory for a client application of Bonita BPM. The directory contains a client subdirectory, which contains a conf subdirectory. The conf subdirectory contains the bonita-client.properties file."